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Ultimate Guide To Deliberately Practice Your Poker To Success – READ HERE


What is Deliberate Practice?

To enhance performance, practice is the act of repeating an action. By implication, the principle that your preparation should be concentrated and purposeful is an intentional practice. High-level skills are becoming more critical, established as a result of conscious practice. The development of myelin, a white tissue that grows around neurons to fire more effectively, is stimulated by long periods of uninterrupted work.

Poker Guide to Deliberate Practice

Here’s the list of the essential elements you should pay attention to when creating your routine in deliberate practice in poker https://qqdomino.bet/.

Work on your shortcomings.

Defaulting to the familiar and enjoyable modes of training is simple. That’s why any poker player who has ever tried them enjoys engaging in sweat sessions. Although sweat sessions can be an invaluable instrument in poker players’ arsenal, they are quickly rendered useless in the way they are generally performed. Unfortunately, the point of declining returns is just around the corner, and if the members of the sweat session do not put a lot of work into planning, there is minimal benefit in engaging them.

Focus on measures that are tiny, concrete, observable.

An optimistic target is to become a mid-stake crusher is a horrible one, too. It provides no options, more of a desire than a strategy. You should concentrate on measures that are simpler to calculate and much smaller. This is going to serve you much better than grandiose dreams of being the next Phil Ivey.

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If you are jumping from coaching videos to articles and hand analysis without rhyme or reason, if your training is fragmented, you can make a deliberate effort to inject some predictability into your training sessions. Before you start your training session, evaluate the hands for 30 minutes from the previous day. Perform an overview of a database every last day of the month, etc.


Nowadays, with powerful computers in our pockets linked to this incredible network, we are all walking around, giving us unlimited access to far more knowledge and entertainment than we can manage. You should become aware of this relentless stream of distractions if you want to become good at deliberate practice. The sound of a ringing phone or compulsive scrolling through your social media accounts shouldn’t interrupt your education.


A quick check-up once per month or so, even if you can’t afford regular sessions, can expose several leaks that would otherwise escape your notice. That’s why you should always pay careful attention to the kind of suggestions your friends are giving you.