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The advent of Global Online Gambling reduced the footprint of gamblers visiting physical Casinos, Gambling Joints and Dens to a minimum. Particularly the rich and lavish décor of the stylish Casinos have no longer the attractive power they used to have before. It was mostly the extraordinary accessibility of online gambling that lit the fuse of the rocket of International gambling. Vast numbers of a new class of Players have joined the ranks of traditional gamblers, mostly male and middle-aged. The new wave is mostly teenagers, who play the games on their mobiles. Also an important percentage belongs to people who previously never ventured to gamble, and who are largely female, often married. Play is now possible almost anywhere, even in the privacy of domestic bedrooms.

PC’s, laptops, tablets, and of course smart-phones, the devices that can carry these games are portable and numerous. Not just the Internet, but also off-screen operable Apps (Applications), now carry games. And the games cover a bewildering gamut of both traditional and wonderfully innovative game-plots that are sure to entice any pleasure-seeking newcomer and professional alike. But the very question of legality often associated with gambling since time immemorial has followed the game here too. Some countries where gambling has been extremely popular throughout history, are hampered by the strictures of religion and governance. This has increased criminal activity on online gambling sites to the extent of looting the customers, and forced the genuine websites to voluntarily band together to form regulatory bodies that control the safety and security of the intending Players and their bets. The most famous and trusted of these regulatory websites in Indonesia is the well-known site discussed below:

Characteristics of Agents

The control exerted by these bodies like Enzibet is mostly through the registration, regulation and control of the Online Gambling Agents who are the direct interface with the Clients and Final Users. The characteristics of these Agents are:

  • The appearance of an Agent Website at first sight helps in evaluating.
  • The Website Services offered must be realistic and professional.
  • The number of members already registered is an important indicator of the Websites trustworthiness.
  • The Promos and Bonuses offered must be realistic.
  • Official License of Ownership must be displayed on demand online by the Website to the Customers.
  • Licenses are granted by authorities like Isle of Man government.
  • The agents must be registered by, or similar body.