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Real Money vs. Play Money – Making the Transition & What to keep in mind

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Whenever you play on an online casino you will always find two terms, real and play money. Hence there is definitely a difference between both of them. A real money is what you actually bet you’re your own account using a safe payment mode before you go ahead and start the game, however play money is a kind of free roll that you get at the time of getting registered to a website or for those who have been playing they earn it through FPP. The play money is usually used by first time players when they are on the verge of having hands on to a game. Yet this play money can be converted to real money if you win that particular game where you had wagered through play money.

There are certain things that one should keep in mind while doing transitions

One should ensure that he/she is playing on the right site, considering the increase in online players across the world, the number of fake website is also increasing. So always go for a reliable, licensed website, there may be a possibility that a fake website may give you a chance to play using free roll i.e. play money and let you make win the game as well. However once it comes to playing with real money, the website will not let you win the game and you keep on losing your own money.

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One must always use funds properly, as it is not necessary that you only win every time, if you are betting via your real money then you must keep your funds available in such a way that even if you lose some amount then you should be absolutely fine with that, your entertainment should not take your happiness away. Ultimately you are wagering for fun. There would be no such tensions if you lose your play money.

Only gamble on those games where you feel comfortable and confident that you can win the game, because this is one more thing to be taken care of while making a transition. Do not ever wager on a game where you feel that you do not have much hands on the game. This might lead you to lose the game and you end up losing your own money. For such games always try and bet through play money so that whatever loss you do is through your free roll not from your bank roll.